Speaking of presuppositions, the fact that the government is stepping in and telling Boeing where they can and can’t build the 787 is baffling:

The Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint last month against Boeing to block production of the company’s 787 Dreamliner at a new assembly plant in South Carolina—a “right to-work” state with a law against compulsory union membership. If the NLRB has its way, Dreamliner assembly will return to Washington, a union-shop state, along with more than 1,000 jobs.

The key issue is that labor unions sound great, but in practice they only hurt. They are essentially a monopoly on labor that levels everything out for everyone. It helps low performers while hurting top performers:

But that shouldn’t stop state legislators in forced-union states from doing what’s in their workers’ best interests. They need to decide whether they want to continue to see jobs and tax receipts exit their states, or whether they want to adopt laws that afford their workers the right to join a union or not. The only alternative is to build a regulatory Berlin Wall around their borders to keep their businesses from leaving.

All the jobs are leaving union-shop states to right to work states. Why?

Employers that move away from forced-union states mainly do so not to scale back wages and salaries—although sometimes that happens—but to avoid having to deal with intrusive union rules, the threat of costly work stoppages, lawsuits, worker paychecks going to union fat cats, and so on.

Boeing officials have admitted that their decision to build the new Dreamliner plant in South Carolina was due in part to the fact that the company could not “afford a work stoppage every three years” as had happened in Washington state over that past decade. (By the way, this is the comment the NLRB complaint cites as proof of “retaliation” against union workers.)

The fact that I’ve grown up in a right to work state (Texas) and one that is the most business friendly, has me baffled that if you’re pissed at your employer you can just stop working. If you’re pissed, you should go find another company to work at. If you can’t find one that will hire you for better benefits, it means you’re making what you’re worth.

Man, I hope Boeing wins.