The New Yorker profiles online shoe retailer Zappos.

Lots of great take-aways from this, but the main one being Zappos’ mission of delivering happiness. It seems like many industries are wide open to be taken over by a company whose mission it is to provide incredible customer service.

Zappos’ “VIP” upgrade is a brilliant idea that plays into the service model. It provides free overnight shipping, but can be given to anyone so that even if the specific issue can’t be resolved, they can please the person.

Jadkowski made a face and put the call on hold to do some sleuthing into the bargain hunter’s account history. The woman had bought $12,531.32 of merchandise from Zappos since 2005, of which she’d returned about two-thirds. There was an alert indicating that this wasn’t the first time she’d requested a price adjustment. “I think I’m not going to give it to her,” Jadkowski said briskly. “But let’s upgrade her!” She ran the decision by a supervisor and returned to the caller, who seemed sanguine. Indeed, she’d already put the Clergerie mule into her “shopping cart” and placed the order.