Mike Matas is probably one of the most influential UI designers of our time. While at Apple, he designed the iPhone Maps, Camera, Photos, and Settings among other things – interfaces and interaction paradigms that have changed mobile forever.

This is important because his new startup, Push Pop Press has launched their first digital book. Putting aside any feelings on the topic, I have no doubt this will be just as influential when it comes to publishing on tablets. Publishers today would like to just stick flat digital copies of what they made on the iPad. Adobe is even making it easier through their CS5.5, and that’s what Amazon will have you buy on the Kindle ecosystem.

It’s clear though, that Mike Matas has spent more time thinking about how to adapt content for tablets. Here he is demoing the book, and explaining some of the thought behind the UI interactions:

It’s amazing. Take a look.

(video via Patrick Rhone)