You can file this one under nails in old media’s coffin.

Congrats to Aaron Mahnke for launching a new premium content email newsletter for the Read & Trust network. Even more congratulations for having the guts to charge for it.

So beginning in April, Read & Trust will be launching a weekly email newsletter that will deliver exclusive, long-form content to our subscribers. Each week, one of the many talented writers in our network will craft a post built around a monthly theme (topics such as creativity, beverages, workflows, etc) that will be exclusive to Read & Trust. For just $5 each month, you’ll receive a weekly, quality piece in your inbox that you won’t find anywhere else.

As Jeffrey Zeldman put it in his panel at SXSW, “if you have great, exclusive stuff, people will pay for it.”

There has been a very clear trend toward the the elimination of intermediaries who serve as gatekeepers for great media. This is another example of that. It doesn’t take dozens of editors telling writers what to write to put out great content that people are willing to pay for. All it takes are great writers, writing good content.

I’ll be cheering for Aaron and other projects such as Shawn Blanc going full-time in the hopes that we’ll see more people willing to pay creators directly for content on the web.

This is a good future.