Interesting commentary on how startups can change some pretty stale industries.

The word disruption is thrown around way too much. It’s often used to describe ideas that are not disruptive. Recently though, I’ve noticed a trend of YCombinator backed startups that follow a similar theme: Go after an industry or process that is excruciatingly painful and make it better. Sure all startups are about solving a pain point, but in the case of Hipmunk and others, the pain is chronic and unbearable.

Their suggestions:

1. Find Something Tied To A Process That Consistently Sucks

2. Simple And Clean Interfaces Come First

3. It Will Probably Be Unsexy…So Make It Sexy

4. Call Out Your Competitor

5. Deliver Great Support

6. Look For An Industry That Rarely Changes

7. Work Towards Building Fanatics

8. Be Disruptive, But Respectful

9. Focus On Power Users