What’s Interesting About Readability

This morning, Readability announced a really interesting new service.

How it works is that people can subscribe to their service and pledge a certain amount of money every month to be paid out to publishers. Then, during the month, as people save or read content using Readability’s bookmarklet or Instapaper, it tracks it and pays out to the bloggers who have registered as a part of a service.

This is a great service for small bloggers, which would allow them to earn a passive income from writing without putting ads on the site.

But even better are the incentives. You are now compensated for interesting long-form content. Bloggers will be encouraged to write more in-depth analysis and less linked list stuff, myself included. Writers like Kyle Baxter who write amazing analysis with less linked list stuff, and I would imagine don’t get as much traffic on non-article days, can be compensated for the time and effort they put in. Readers also get compensated by better content.

Consider Behind Companies added. I know I haven’t been writing as much lately, but here’s a sneak peak on Dribbble as to why.

February 1, 2011