The New Digs…Again

Okay, okay, I admit it – I’m a geek and I like to tinker. Last month, I moved from Tumblr to WordPress because I was looking for more flexibility in the system. Since then, I’ve learned so much that I decided to dive into building my own WordPress theme. I wasn’t able to get the custom theme I had modified to do exactly what I wanted.

Having done that, taught more than I could have imagined about HTML/CSS/PHP and the power of resilience (and a little a whole lot of help from Google). It was frustrating at times and I banged my head against the wall, but after a 5 hour coding session on a Saturday afternoon while my wife was at a baby shower led me to what you see here. There is a lot of dust, mainly because I wanted to ship this theme, even if a few of the edges are rough. Also, creating this was taking time away from writing on this site, which is the real reason why we’re here anyways.

I’d love to hear what you think about the theme – @marcelosomers or

February 2, 2011