Derek Flanzraich, with a subtle critique of the startup culture today:

We need more people creating entirely new industries than people trying to make a few quick bucks in a market that already exists, raise an angel investment or two, and then sell their company to Google. We need more people who want to change the world than people who want to help you send better-looking email event invitations. We need more people reinventing the very things that need reinvention rather than creating a MVP product that generates a profit. Don’t we?

Obviously not every company can be the next Google, but at times it feels like too many entrepreneurs are shooting to score some VC money and their only end-goal is to sell to a bigger company. They’re not viable businesses in the long term.

That’s really what it’s all about. Just look at a 37 Signals or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Neither focus on making billions of dollars, but are comfortable with being a long-term sustainable business.